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Author Lexx Vorpahl has several groups she runs. CLICK the images to be taken to the groups descriptions of each group is below.

Beta Reader Request Form for Lexx:

SFF Author Alliance Page & Groups

So you are probably wondering what the SFF Author Alliance is all about. First and foremost it is for authors and readers to connect. It is also a place to share all things related to science fiction and fantasy. Lexx started the author group to fulfill a need she didn’t currently see on facebook for SFF authors. She also loves to support her fellow authors and created for that purpose. She also values the readers and wanted them included. Definitely join in on the fun!

For SFF authors and readers to connect.
This group is for SFF authors looking for cross promotions, newsletter swaps, release events to participate in, author services and more. (anything goes as long as it builds each other up!). Please follow the rules and stay tuned for a post detailing the weekly schedule. I’ll update the description once we get more members. in the meantime invite and share this group to get the word out. Author PAs are always welcomed.
Page for SFF authors to connect and cross promote ( we also have a group check it out). Please feel free to send the page a message with what you want posted. Scifi-fantasy readers you are ALWAYS welcomed too! You might just find your next favorite book!

~Bookstagram Tours~ Group

This group is for indie authors, bookstagrammers, and author PAs to collaborate, support, and schedule bookstagram tours. Great group that is constantly growing!

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