Teaser Tuesdays

I usually throw these snippets in my facebook reader group Lexx’s Lair but I wanted to share here too. I shared these a few weeks back just a heads up if you happen to head on over to the group for a look-see. ( take note raw-unedited- and possibly subject to change when edits officially begin):


Teaser 1:“To her horror she had learned the hard way. The pains of hunger had taken their grasp on day two her friend Kevin had paid the price. She couldn’t help but get caught up in the memory of his skin separating between her teeth, the blood running down her chin. His screams even enticed her. She had become a monster in those moments. If it hadn’t been for Theia; Kevin would have been dead. A friend lost in the wake of her transformation.”

Teaser 2: She had washed up on the beach naked and half dead. Her body heavy and pained. She was sick of reliving the violation. He had taken her one last time in her lovesick stupor before he experimented on her. She had felt a prick on her neck and his breath on her ear when he whispered Sorry, I still love you…

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