Author Lexxy Vorpahl

Lexxy Vorpahl is a devoted wife and mother by day. A fledging multi-genre author by night where she spends most of her time writing short stories, working on her books and getting her craft on (especially crochet). Although her careers sometimes overlap. She enjoys every single second of being a stay-at-home-mom to one of the cutest boys around. She’s married to her best friend and love of her life. They’ve enjoyed many adventures their twelve years together and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next decade.

Published Works

Lexxy started her author career with short stories and submitted them to the anthologies below -each were only available for a short time on Amazon. Lexxy is working on Dark Souls with her co-author and friend Trish Beninato.

 Apocalyptic Holidays โ€œA Divine Christmasโ€

Nuclear attack strikes at the heart of Colorado with Donovan leading the people to safety of the underground shelters. He lets the sirens blare and races against the clock to save what is most beloved and precious to him; his pregnant wife Natalie. Will he make it to Sanctuary Springs before it’s too late for him and his family?

Romantic Interludes ” Marked”

He’s marked for death and she’s the one to deliver. But a chance encounter sends Cael and Tessa spiraling into dangerous and tempting territory. Tessa the half-demon daughter of Abaddon, is top assassin and lead enforcer of the Hell’s Special Earth Taskforce- helping to keep the balance between the worlds. But when she is tasked with killing Cael, the whole event goes awry. Cael is innocent and Tessa can’/won’t kill him, but will they both be dead with archangels Michael and Gabriel on their tail? It will be one wild race to the realm of Hell in this tale of a war between angels, demons. Travel along with Tessa as she finds love and fights for its survival.

Upcoming Releases

Dark Souls

Lexxy Vorpahl & Trish Beninato

Releasing Spring 2020

An alliance forged of necessity… Sam and Blaze fight against the tyranny of their own in this new adult paranormal series coming in Spring.

Calypso’s Song

Lexxy Vorpahl

Releasing 2020

Calypso is transforming into something she thought was a fairy-tale but her transformation comes at a price. Will she be able to control her hunger while she gets ready to battle the most powerful Siren of them all?

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